Editorial Photography

Every editor who is preparing a feature on jewelry is looking for jewelry photography that is innovative, exciting and unique and will make their content stand out. Designers, manufacturers and wholesalers need up-to-date compilations of high resolution images on file for promotional purposes. My studio specializes in creating the images editors and art directors are looking for and consumers love – images that have that special ‘stand-out’ appeal, that highlight the uniqueness and brilliance of your jewelry, that editors will want to use and buyers will remember.


Web banners, splash pages, Instagram, in-store ‘shelf talkers’, display posters and full-page print ads that capture a consumer’s imagination: I will create targeted visual communications that highlight your product's best, most unique features, creating images that are not only stunning, but create a lasting impressing on the people you need to reach.

From concept and layout to photography, retouching and post-production, I will create visual media that gets your brand and product noticed and remembered, and puts a casual audience on the path to a sale!

Product Photography

High-end photography of fine jewelry is more expensive than run-of-the-mill discount jewelry photography, but photography that instantly communicates your product's best, most unique features is a wise and necessary business investment toward increased sales and brand awareness. There are ways I can make the most out of your promotion budget. Let’s begin with the product shot: I take that simple product shot a step further by creating varied and effective digital and print support media to satisfy a variety of your business promotional needs.  Images are tailored for highlighting on your own web site, in banners and category group images, to create a variety of effective print media, and/or to offer to your retail costumers to use on their sites. I work with you to maximize your promotion dollars and increase your business presence. All starting with a simple product shot.

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